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Remodeling Solutions

CIP Remodeling and Repairs is one thorough and complete remodeling and repairing solution that you can trust. Whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or the windows, doors, fences, and floorings that need remodeling, our experienced staff is here to get the job done. With them on board, you can sit back as they swiftly complete the work in no time. Our services are packaged in such a manner that they can serve the remodeling and repair needs of the residential and commercial buildings. We are a famous and well-reputed remodeling company, with experienced, licensed, and insured professionals who will deliver top-notch work quality and win your satisfaction. Our service solutions come in standard and customizable packages. Both packages have been designed in such a manner that they are able to meet your needs. Our customer-centric approach allows us to delve deeper to carry out the need identification process so that our solution can deliver the maximum results within the desired time.


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Our Services

Custom Shower

Our vintage and modern bathroom design solutions can completely change the look-like of your old bathroom.

Floor Installation

Durable and robust floor solutions save your cost and prevent possible damages.


No gap, crack, creek, or any damages spot can escape from the sight of our inspection team.

Siding Installation

You can pick and choose one, and our team will install it for you.


Customizable carpentry solution for residential and commercial properties.

Decks & Railing

Wood, modern, composite, or glass, choose your pick, and we will install it for you.


Why Choose US?

Quality solutions

We use reliable and environmentally friendly service solutions

Fully insured

We are completely insured to help you save costs effectively


We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on the work deliverables

Do you want to remodel your property for an aesthetically pleasing interior? Call now and get a personalized look!

With CIP Remodeling and Repairs, here’s what you get!

Free initial consultation

Detailed consultation advice to best suit your needs

Detailed Proposal

A complete proposal highlighting the solutions along with the budget and time required

Project installation

Step by step process of implementing and installing the solution

Final inspection

A final test drive to spot any loopholes and eliminating them

Service Areas

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