Custom Shower

Custom showers are an important part of bathrooms. Without a shower, how would one expect the bathroom to look like-quite complete! At CIP Remodeling and Repairs, we can install showers of the latest design and give your bathroom a completely different outlook.

Traditional vs. Contemporary Bathroom- It’s your pick

There is a wide range of bathroom shower designs to choose from. It totally depends upon the clients’ requirements. Based on the remodeling requirements, the client can choose the best shower option that resonates well with the complete bathroom look.

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Professionals at Work

We understand how important, costly, and time-consuming the remodeling process is. That is why; we have hired the best professionals in town to take care of the work effectively and efficiently.

Why Choose Us?

Good quality material

We use durable and reliable products that last longer.


Our experts have a professional work attitude.

Customer-centric approach

We prioritize the customer’s requirement above our company needs.

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